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                Tianyu Shares
                R&D information
                ●Tianyu has following 3 R&D centers with total of more than 180 chemists.
                  Hangzhou R&D center,Taizhou R&D center ,and Shanghai R&D center.
                ● The company has 12 national invention patents and 2 PCT patents (US, Canada) up to the present.
                R&D direction and strength
                The company has a provincial-level enterprise research institutes.It owns 3 R&D bases with over 180 technical experts and industry talents, and has built a multi-disciplinary and multi-level R&D team. Through market research, we conduct product selection, route screening, process development, technological innovation, research on process optimization, product registration and documents supports, so as to make good product reserves for the rapid development of the Company.
                At the same time, the company has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology, Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry, Guangzhou Institute of Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences and other universities and research institutes to realize the gathering and sharing of innovative resources.
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