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                Become The Most Trusted Pharmaceutical Company
                Become the most reliable pharmaceutical company and supply the highest quality pharmaceutical products for the global customers
                The sustainable development concept of Tianyu Pharmaceutical is consistent with the China's goal of striving to balance the economic development and the harmonious development of human and natural ecological environment. Tianyu Pharmaceutical will continue to carry out the national environmental protection laws, regulations and policies, and make great efforts to develop and optimize the production technology, enhance the utilization efficiency of efficiency and energy, and reduce pollution from the source. Tianyu will be dedicated to the development of green chemicals and green medicine, and to the full process control for pollution prevention, thereby ensuring up-to-standard discharge; it will also make great efforts to push ahead with training and education, and raise the environmental protection concept of all employees. Tianyu Pharmaceutical will integrate the sustainable development concept into the whole process of business activities, and ultimately achieve a win-win benefit in enterprise development and exchange protection. 
                • MISSION

                  To supply the global customers with the highest quality pharmaceutical products

                • CORE VALUE

                  Innovation encouragement,individual respect,solidarity and cooperation,honesty and trustworthiness

                • SPIRIT

                  Excellence, delicacy and strength, keep innovating and never give up

                • VISION

                  Make contributions to human health undertaking and become the most reliable pharmaceutical company

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